Scrap MS Word?

We've heard (or made) recommendations to scrap MS products. Recently, I shared The Things I Hate About Outlook. This morning my Slashdot newsfeed served up Time to Kill Microsoft Word? I'll just let you read it, but it pointed to an ABC News commentary by John Dvorak, Kill Microsoft Word. (If the long and ugly URL disappears, an Internet search for the author and title should turn it up.) Basically, Dvorak lists the things he hates about Word.

The Slashdot posting points to openoffice.org. I've gone through this exercise before. How important is compatibility? Will Openoffice allow me to create "portable" documents (word processor and presentations)? More importante for my world, will it allow me to receive and use documents from others?

I'll find out, but I am interested in hearing from others in the same boat, who need compatibility of sorts with MS Office, and who have made the switch -- successfully or not.

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