Do I need a docking station?

My cabling is a mess. I admit it. When at home, I use my PowerBook connected to a large monitor with the PowerBook screen as the secondary screen.

You can see the cabling, here.

The real problem for me is not plugging in seven (7) cables. The cables are, by the way
  • Power
  • Ethernet
  • Firewire for iSight
  • USB for keyboard and mouse
  • Other USB (camera, Palm computer, etc.)
  • miniDVI for CRT
  • audio/speaker output

Half the time when I fiddle with UCB cables, I bump the DVI which rests the video and I need to put it back in and "Detect Displays" again. The miniDVI really pulls out easily. The only solution I have found is this one by BookEndz. It would certainly be better if I did not have the PowerBook on that little shelf (given where the ports are and where the docking station would end up). I wonder if I would still have the miniDVI falling out of the back of BookEndz dock?

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