Leopard Installed!

As I mentioned earlier, I put off installing Leopard until 10.5.2 came out. The reason was, while I knew friends who had a smooth installation, I worried about the] hassles I read about from others. The things I read seemed... well not very "Mac-ish" and more "Vista-ish." (Kind of like what Apple says in their ad Party is Over and PR Lady, which mentions people downgrading to XP from Vista). So, I bravely waited. (☺)

I did install it and have Leopard up and running just fine on my PowerBook G4. (The Intel MacBook Pro I use at APL will be upgraded when IT tests all Lab-required applications.) The short version is:
  • It was not without problems. I.e., it was not painless.
  • Some applications needed tweaking when I was finally done.
  • was/am very glad for my back-up procedure. It made some of the restarts I had painless.
In the next week, I will blog on the following:
  1. The installation. The steps I went through. What failed. The easy and simple fix.
  2. Problems I had, in particular with iCal, iChat, AddressBook, and Mail, and how I fixed them.
  3. The good stuff. Cool things, things I don't yet use, good surprises.
Look for these in the next week or so.

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