I've been trying to think up a reason to upgrade to Apple's new OS. I read David Taylor's blog entry, I'm now running Leopard on my MacBook Pro and Mac Mini! and was convinced by the reported faster performance (not that I have a problem with that) and the $109 price tag. (See David's blog.)

I found his list of "the applications [he] needed to install to be fully functional" interesting and gave me a few to check out. I made a similar list when I first was looking to switch from Windows. (See After Windows, What?.)

Yeah. I chickened-out. I've got the box but I am waiting. I still read of some problems with it and will wait until 10.5.2 (.1 is out already). I guess they spent a lot of cycles on that expensive phone.

I have a PowerBook G4. Anyone else have the same that had a smooth installation? (Anyone reading these besides Olivier in France?)

Okay, I did it! I successfully installed Leopard. Not without a few glitches, but it is done and working. I'll blog about it Monday (2/18/08).

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