Leopard: Problems

After the install, everything came up all pretty. I logged in. My dock was pretty much as I had it set up under Tiger, only fancier. So, I fired up some applications I usually have running. Mail. It crashed. Repeatedly. Address Book. Crashed. iChat. Yes. Crashed. Segmentation faults, according to the Console log. iCal. No it worked. But, it was empty.

No worries. (No, seriously.) Remember, I had good copies of all of this. I looked at the Console log again. What do Mail, iChat, and Address Book all have in common. Well, one thing that immediately came to mind is that Mail and iChat both access Address Book when they start up. Both want to tie names with Address Book entries. Well, no guts, no glory. I zeroed out the entries! I deleted the contects of the AddressBook directory (~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/). That did it, Mail now works fine as did iChat. I figured I would boot Tiger, back-up my address book, and copy it over to Leopard and read it in to Address Book there. But... Address Book magically regained the contents of the directory I had just deleted. I suppose Leopard (maybe iSync, as I think of it) recognized the state change, and restored from some .old directory. iCal was still empty. I found a similar fix in one of the forums. I had back-ups, of course, on my Tiger partition. The fix recommended was that I quit iCal, then delete the contents of the folder ~/Library/Application Support/iCal/Sources/. And it worked. So, with only minor glitches, I had Leopard up and running.

I ended up having to buy the newer version of The Missing Sync, to sync iCal, Address Book, etc. with my Palm. Maybe I didn't actually need to. I am not sure. The sync services are mysterious to me and are finicky. But, anyway, it is working now. Everything is. Minor annoyances Everything worked besides the above-mentioned applications and:
  • My printers were missing. It was not a big problem, of course, but it did seem strange.
  • My X11 settings were gone. Again, not a big deal. And did I write everything down after I recreated the Applications, their settings, and my xterm settings? You know the answer is "no."
Next time, I'll talk about the cool stuff I like and am using in Leopard.

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